Reducing Limitations Of Right To Carry Laws

State Rep. Matthew Dowling comments about House Bills 1747 and 1805 during the September 24, 2019 House Judiciary Meeting.

Dowling With Oversight Task Force

State Rep. Matthew Dowling visits with the Overdose Drug Task Force members Jana Kyle and Amanda Cuteri who describe the network and how it helps people with addiction.

Fayette Business Education Partnership

State Rep. Matthew Dowling sits down with Kathi Hull, Coordinator of the Fayette Business Education Partnership as the two discuss what economic needs the community is most in need of.

House Liquor Control Committee Gathers to Discuss Customer Convenience Permits Legislation

Seeking to make beer and wine more accessible and convenient for residents to purchase, Rep. Matt Dowling and other members of the Liquor Control \Committee meet to view and discuss Customer Convenience Permit legislation, Dowling's House Bill 1644.

Dowling, Grove, Walsh Present Bills to Reinvent Government

In the vein of an overarching theme driven by House Republican Caucus this legislative session, state Reps. Matthew Dowling (R-Fayette/Somerset), Seth Grove (R-York) and Justin Walsh (R-Westmoreland) drafted the Reinventing Government bill package to create better government, more economic prosperity and stronger communities.

Heritage Coal & Natural Resources

State Rep. Matthew Dowling tours the Heritage Coal And Natural Resources Company. He speaks with a numbers of authorities at the base who describe everything performed at the plant.

Rep. Dowling Visits The Tall Pines Distillery

Pa. State Rep. Matthew Dowling visits the first legal moonshine distillery in Somerset County Pennsylvania since prohibition! Tall Pines is a small, craft distillery where everything is made by hand.

Scouts Report To The Capitol

This week, more than 100 scouts and leaders from across the state traveled to the Capitol to present the second annual “Report to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” As chair of the House of Representatives’ Boy Scout Caucus, Eagle Scout, former Scout leader and an active member of the Westmoreland/Fayette Council, I have seen the positive impact of Scouting on our youth, their families, and their communities.

Dowling Opens Session With Prayer

Pa. State Rep. Matthew Dowling opens the June 11th, 2019 House Session with a prayer.

Rep. Dowling Tours Uniontown Fastsigns

Pa. State Rep. Matthew Dowling speaks Brenda Stipanonvich, owner/operator of Fastsigns in Uniontown. Fastsigns International Inc. is the franchisor of Fastsigns centers which provide custom sign and graphics products.