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Dowling Disapproves of the Governor’s Education Funding Proposal
UNIONTOWN - Rep. Matt Dowling (R-Fayette/Somerset) joins other House members in his disapproval of Gov. Tom Wolf’s Basic Education Funding proposal. The governor has proposed that all education funds be distributed through the Fair Funding Formula. Dowling said this will not only hurt our school districts, but the students and community as well.

“While I am in full support of school districts receiving as much state funding as possible, this proposal, if enacted, would drastically cut state funding for our local school districts by up to 50 percent,” Dowling said. “By putting all of the education funding through the Fair Funding Formula, it will only benefit growing school districts and hurt districts that are seeing declines in enrollment.”

Below are the funds our school districts would receive should this proposal become a reality:

• Albert Gallatin Area School District: $16,614,431 (30 percent cut)
• Connellsville Area School District: $18,448,299 (40 percent cut)
• Laurel Highlands School District: $10,932,608 (24 percent cut)
• Uniontown Area School District: $12,848,155 (20 percent cut)
• Meyersdale Area School District: $2,308,170 (68 percent cut)
• Salisbury-Elk Lick School District: $879,272 (56 percent cut)
• Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District: $1,773,059 (25 percent cut)

Currently, only new school funding amounts are calculated through the formula, which went into effect for 2015-16. This strategy ensures a gradual transition to the new formula.

Dowling announced his concerns after Wolf unexpectedly announced his proposal of running both existing and new education funds through the fair funding formula. It is projected that out of 500 school districts in Pennsylvania, 357 school districts would be negatively affected and see severe cuts in basic education funds.

“We are constantly fighting tooth and nail to get rural area school districts the funding they need in order to function efficiently. This is why the Fair Funding Formula was originally set up, to keep rural school districts from seeing drastic cuts to their much-needed state funding,” Dowling stated.

Representative Matthew Dowling
51st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abby Krueger
717.260.6617 /

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