Apr. 01, 2021

UNIONTOWN – The Redstone Foundation has earned a $6,000 grant to make a number of physical improvements to the Hunger Garden that helps feed area residents in need and raises awareness about food insecurity, announced Rep. Matthew Dowling (R-Fayette/Somerset) and Muriel Nuttall, executive director of the Redstone Foundation. 

“It’s been so exciting to watch this project take off over the last four years and not only provide fresh food for our local foodbank to help people in need but also to raise community awareness of that need,” Dowling said. “An estimated 15% of our population here in Fayette County is considered food insecure, and the more people learn about that, the more they want to help. This grant will help us make improvements to the garden that should result in even more food for the community.”

The grant, provided by Noble Environmental’s Green Gift program, will support renovations such as installation of raised growing beds to allow for deeper, richer soil and to provide separation from the heat, smog and ground-level debris from the adjacent parking area; and the installation of four water collection basins and custom collection troughs to provide easy access to water and demonstrate to the public how to collect and reuse water in an urban setting. Signs would be installed to educate passersby about the system and the importance of the water cycle.

“The Redstone Foundation is thrilled to host this project and looks forward to seeing it come to fruition. Between the upcoming renovations and future student involvement, we have much to look forward to in the next year,” Nuttall said.

Dowling and Nuttall noted they are working toward an expanded educational component of the Hunger Garden by working with area schools to have students cultivate seeds that will eventually be planted in the garden. 

“Educating not only our youth, but our entire community, about food insecurity, hunger and how we need to combat both is vital to a safer, healthier future in Fayette County,” said Nuttall.

Representative Matthew Dowling
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