Mar. 15, 2021

UNIONTOWN – Rep. Matthew Dowling (R-Fayette/Somerset) offered the opening prayer at the beginning of today’s legislative session of the House of Representatives. In doing so, he also offered these comments:

“The past year has been filled with loss and struggle, and many families in the Commonwealth are still facing challenges related to the pandemic. However, I have also seen many reasons for Pennsylvanians to have hope, especially lately as the vaccine starts to become more widely distributed for those who wish to take it,” Dowling said. “With the prayer I shared, I wanted to remind people that the reasons to be hopeful are all around us.”

The video of the prayer can be viewed at or here.

An audio-only file is available here.

Full prayer:

My friends and colleagues, please bow your heads and pray with me as your individual faith background allows…

Abba, Father, Creator…

This week we commemorate one-year of pandemic conditions and we look to you as a community, commonwealth, country and world in the midst of mourning and in need of hope.

Today we would be remiss if we did not mourn for nearly 25,000 Pennsylvanian’s that have died from COVID-19; the 532,000 Americans, or the 2.65 million of your children that passed worldwide.

But Father God you have shown us, your loyal followers, HOPE with nearly 68 million recoveries. Please continue to show your people your love, mercy, and give them HOPE.

Hope for the sick and dying.
Hope for the families of those plagued.
Hope for the first responders.
Hope for doctors.
Hope for nurses.
Hope for the biologists working on cures.
Hope for parents.
Hope for the children.
Hope for the teachers.
Hope for all Your people.

Lord, God – in my lifetime your blessings have been abundant, and I know they did not stop one-year ago, they did not stop today, and your blessings upon us will prevail tomorrow. For you are THE GOD of HOPE.

As we gather in these hallowed halls, electronically, and under this miraculous dome – please send us the wisdom to do Your will and to extend Your hope to Your people.

In the legislation we review we ask that You grant us the virtues of unity and understanding. Bless our actions, our families, and our work.

We pray these things in your blessed and everlasting name.


Representative Matthew Dowling
51st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Evans
717.260.6206 / /